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Swim Analysis

What is Swim Analysis?

SW Triathlon Coaching has access to an endless swimming pool with video analysis, the pool works the same as  a running machine (swim on the spot). Video analysis is fantastic for seeing how you swim in all phases off the frontcrawll stroke and showing where (if any) improvements can be made.  

The aim of the session is to help you in areas where you may struggle and generally improve your overall technique., however as it is a 1hour session you will benefit the most if you go away and practise what we have gone through over the session. 

I also provide 30min follow up sessions, which would be great to do on a monthly basis to recap and further your swimming development.

Swim Anyalis can be done as either a 1:1 session or 2:1.


What will the 1 hour session include?

  • Time in pool swimming  (in the pool for most the hour)
  • Video swim analylsis throughout the session
  • Technique correction and pointers
  • Short video and summery emailed post sessions
  • pointers to go away and continue practising with in training

Where is the pool located?

  • Shrewsbury, Shropshire, uk